Invitation of Stakeholders to Participate in the Review of Draft Rules and Regulations2021-06-21T18:54:31+00:00

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection with support of government and non-government stakeholders has developed the Children Bill. The Bill aims at repealing the current Children Act 2001 to conform with provisions in the Constitution of Kenya and also address emerging issues in Child protection in the country.   The Bill is now in the National Assembly for debate and enactment.

The Children Bill 2020 recommends for development of regulations by the Cabinet Secretary in charge of children matters and court rules and procedures by the Chief Justice to support various provisions in the Bill.   The process of developing the Regulations and Court Rules and Procedures started in 2020.  These Regulations, the court rules and procedures have been drafted and are uploaded on this website.

National Council for Children Services, which is the state agency coordinating the development of the Rules and Regulations wishes to invite for more stakeholders participation in reviewing the documents. It therefore invites your inputs and further recommendations on the Rules and Regulations which are still at the drafting stage.

Inputs and recommendations to the Regulations and Court Rules and Procedures should be forwarded to the following email address; with a copy to in the format contained in the feedback templates attached. Also uploaded for ease of reference is a copy of the Children Bill 2020.

Kindly click on the attached documents below;

  1. Regulation 1-Charitable Children’s Institutions Regulations
  2. Regulation 2-Foster Care Placement Regulations
  3. Regulation 3-Care and Protection Regulations, 2020
  4. Regulation 4-Remand Homes and Rehabilitation Schools Regulations
  5. Regulation 5-Adoption Regulations
  6. Regulation 6-Children Welfare Programmes Regulations
  7. Regulation 7-Children Employment Regulations
  8. Regulation 8-National Council for Children’s Services
  9. Rules1- Parental Responsibilities
  10. Rules2- Foster Care Placement Rules
  11. Rules3-Children in Conflict with the Law Rules
  12. Rules4- Guardianship of Children Rules
  13. Rules5-Adoption Rules
  14. Template for feedback on Regulations
  15. Template for feedback on Rules
  16. Children Bill 2020