//2 speech for child day Naivasha

2 speech for child day Naivasha



The Representative, Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE),

The Representative, Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU),

The Regional Representative, ILO/IPEC,

All Protocols observed,

Dear Participants,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good morning,

First and foremost welcome to this workshop and feel at home. I hope you had a good journey from your duty stations and organizations.


I sincerely would like to thank Labour Administration and Occupational Safety and Health Branch of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the government of Japan for sponsoring this capacity-building workshop which has over twenty Labour Officers and Inspectors as our Social Partners (Trade Unions and Employers’ Organizations) and important child labour monitors like the Police and Social Welfare Officers.


It is gratifying to note that the two and half days Workshop will cover critical topics such as:-

  • Labour inspection standards,
  • Child labour standards, young workers and occupation, safety and health,
  • Child labour monitoring and labour inspection, planning and programming Labour inspections interventions to tackle child labour as well as
  • tools for the labour inspector interventions on child labour.

This is an important Workshop whose objectives are:

  1. To build the capacity of labour officers and inspectors to tackle child labour.
  2. To encourage collaboration between labour officers and inspectors with child labour monitors and
  3. To pilot test the Labour Administration and Occupational Safety and Health Branch (LABADAMIN/OSH) guidance tool on the intervention of Labour Inspection on the Fundamental Principles’ and Rights at Work.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Labour Administration and Occupational Safety and Health Branch at ILO is developing an important guidance tool on the intervention of labour inspection on Fundamental Principles of Rights at Work which will consist of a two fold guide for labour inspectors. The Guide will be used as a reference for Labour Inspection managers and for Labour Inspectors working in the field to address the challenges in enforcing the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.


This will provide an opportunity after the Workshop for our Labour Officers and Inspectors to test this new tool at their places of work where they carry out labour inspections.


At the end of the Workshop, participants will be required to identify the specific needs of the Kenyan Labour Inspectorate when addressing child labour.


The Ministry of Labour & Social Protection is charged with the responsibility of prevention and protection of children against child labour. This is achievable through development of policies and programs, enforcement mechanism such as carrying out child labour inspections, advocacy and awareness campaigns through various forums.


As you are aware, the Ministry has proper mechanisms to respond to complaints on child labour through the County Labour Offices and Children’s Offices. The Labour Officers in the Counties are responsible for enforcement of labour laws and regulations against child labour through the Employment Act 2007.



Ladies and Gentlemen

The National Policy on Elimination of Child Labour was approved by the National Assembly on 16th October 2016. The Policy document is being printed and will be disseminated to the public in due course.


As Labour Inspectors and Officers, your role in the elimination of child labour is important, especially in the Counties through the County and Sub-County Child Labour Committees, which are mandated to coordinate prevention.


You will agree with me that, Child labour is a complex problem. Achieving sustainable reduction in child labour, therefore, requires that the interventions towards elimination of all forms of child labour are anchored on an integrated policy framework with strong institutional and legal foundations.


All children need to be protected from child labour and from other forms of violation of fundamental human rights. One of the primary causes of child labour is poverty. The lack of decent work opportunities for adults often results in families turning to their children to maximize on family labour to earn a living. Other factors include inadequate social protection coverage and the failure to ensure that all school going age children enroll and remain in school.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The fight against child labour therefore requires a multi- sectoral approach. No single agency can deal with this problem considering the many dimensions it takes and different skills required in addressing each form of child labour.

In this context all stakeholders need to work together and pool our resources and expertise, to enable the country eliminate child labour.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The talk about child labour has been with us for a while now, more often than not, we witness children peddling/hawking food and snacks in social places. It is regrettable that adults, maybe, out of ignorance, buy from children hence encouraging them.




Furthermore, apart from children frequenting social place to hawk food stuffs like ground nuts, there is also a generation of parents who violate the law by taking infants to drinking places. This should stop forthwith. Ministry staff, you are also guilty as you allow such practices in your areas of jurisdiction. It should never be business as usual.


Although the societal cultural behavior may be blamed, we are putting on notice Ministry of Labour and Social Protection officials who are tasked with the responsibility of fighting the vice. Our stakeholders, e.g. the police cannot act alone if Ministry officials sleep on their Job.

Finally, May I thank all participants for taking their time to attend this Workshop and also wish to thank the ILO for sponsoring this Workshop. We look forward to your continued support of similar activities in future. Let us all re-dedicate our efforts to prevent child labour and exposure of children to situations which does not augur well with their well-being.


With these few remarks, I wish you fruitful deliberations and hereby declare the Workshop officially open.